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Maple the Rescue Dog 

After losing our little Shih Tzu in November, we adopted a sweet rescue dog.  She’s about two years old, weighs 35 pounds, and her breed is a mystery combination.  But she is wonderful–usually!  


There was that formal dining room chair she chewed, and the bag of dark chocolate truffles that required a vet visit….but that’s okay! She’s worth it. My husband is her favorite, Creampuff the Shih Tzu adores her, and she’s got the sweetest personality!  (But you won’t be able to convince Smudge, our calico cat, of this.  Those long legs and exuberant jumps are a little too much for her!)

There’s just something special about Rescue dogs.  They seem grateful to be with you–and Maple is a bit of a miracle.  She was supposedly  “rescued” –by a criminal–after she was slated for euthanasia by a shelter. Then she, along with about 100 other dogs, was dumped on a ranch with no food, water, or shelter.  By the time authorities discovered this disaster, only about 14 dogs were alive. Sweet Maple was one of them.

Dallas DogRRR rescued her, found a foster home, started heartworm treatment, and gave her a chance at life. That’s where we came in. My husband is so proud of himself for choosing this great addition to our home!  

Of course, this pet portrait artist had to get busy–and I decided to do “Maple–Three Ways”–oil, pastel, and colored pencil.  Here they are, and here’s hoping they inspire others to rescue a dog of their own!  


Maple the rescue dog – oil paint

Maple the rescue dog – pastel

Maple the rescue dog – colored pencil

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